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Supply Chain

Unlock the hidden potential of your end-to-end supply chain, optimizing costs and service levels 

Build robust, responsive and cost-effective processes  

Supply chain process management is a routinely complex process owing to geographical dependencies, functional silos, and numerous challenges specific to application, consumer landscape, and industry. 

Source-to-Procure (S2P), Order-to-Fulfil (O2F), Service-to-Return (S2R), and other core supply chain execution processes remain ‘high-touch’ activities. Embracing efficiency, standardization and transparency are key for Supply Chain Managers to lower the cost base, influence working capital, and foster a friction-free customer journey.  


The KYP platform is designed to clear the fog and reveal your potential for competitive advantage. The KYP platform gives clear recommendations where to focus your digital transformation efforts, irrespective of process and organization maturity. 

It observes real-time interactions and detects process variants, friction points, and opportunities to digitize work. Applying this analysis over time allows you to monitor your improvement initiatives and track the benefits. 

Executives and stakeholders value the transparency and supply chain agents benefit from simplified process execution and focus on seamless customer solutions. 

Know Your Potential

Reduce working capital
Improve OTIF (On-Time-Full)
Increase NPS and Customer satisfaction
Increase throughput and sales
Reduce transactional supply chain costs
Increase non-touch orders (decrease cost of rework)

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