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Identify procurement levers to master critical processes, including source-to-contract and procure-to-pay

Embrace transparency to improve team and cost performance 

CPO’s and procurement category managers lead enormous budgets and maintain a wealth of suppliers.
Their performance is critical to the overall company’s performance, however, in operational and tactical buying there are still vast inefficiencies. 

Common examples are manual work such as fixing issues like price discrepancies or contract leakage, short-term purchase order changes, and compliance blocks. Not seeing or understanding, where, how, and why individuals and teams spend time in this complex environment stands in the way of breakthrough improvements.  


The KYP platform highlights the improvement potential in your procurement processes and gives concrete recommendations on where to focus your digital transformation efforts, including which process steps could be intelligently automated. 

The target of best-in-class procurement operations can be achieved through team benchmarking and transparency of productivity, all while targeting a decrease of the total cost per purchase order. 

The KYP platform allows you to monitor your improvement journey to better demonstrate the impact of procurement on company performance to top management and your stakeholders. 

Know Your Potential

Decrease total cost per purchase order
Increase team productivity (operational purchase order rate per team)
Increase non-touch orders
(decrease cost of rework)
Increase inbound on-time
delivery rate
Improve supplier relationship
and trust

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