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Embracing Digital Gemba Walks: Revolutionizing Process Optimization

As your organization expands and diversifies, developing a broader range of capabilities, products, and services, the complexity of your processes inevitably grows. Repetitive, time-consuming, or error-prone tasks can impede efficiency, productivity, and overall quality. To uncover these processes and pinpoint opportunities for automation, Gemba walks have traditionally been carried out on the shop floor, involving the close observation of a user executing a process path to identify potential improvements based on specific use cases.

Previously, this reactive and one-time manual monitoring exercise necessitated the temporary redirection of a high-performing employee from their daily tasks to conduct the analysis, often for several hours or even days. However,'s productivity mining solution has digitalized Gemba walks, rendering manual observation obsolete.

A study conducted by McKinsey & Company revealed that organizations typically take 6-12 months to detect and prioritize automation opportunities. With, this automation lifecycle can be reduced by half, particularly during the ideation and quantification phases. The data provided by is sufficiently detailed to identify, quantify, and qualify automation candidates, rendering assumptions and guesswork obsolete.

Efforts to scale automation within enterprises have often fallen short, due to factors such as low-return business cases, overly complex implementations with numerous exceptions, inflated expectations coupled with minimal business impact, and relevance restricted to micro-teams. Data-driven decision-making offered by can address the frequent issue of incorrect assumptions during the analysis phase.'s productivity mining solution revolutionizes how enterprises discover automation opportunities, transforming the process into a veritable walk in the park. The continuous stream of real activity data enables organizations to draw insights from the data itself, fostering a deeper understanding of work processes and exposing inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and other obstacles to productivity or quality. Our clients utilize for the Idea-to-Robot process, tackling the ideation phase from the bottom up at an activity level across users, teams, and organizations—even with live data.

We like it raw.'s granular data empowers organizations to pinpoint, quantify, and qualify automation candidates, preparing them for implementation. The benefits don't end there: also facilitates the measurement of post-implementation outcomes, accelerating the process and significantly enhancing the likelihood of successful results.

In conclusion,'s productivity mining offers a digital alternative to traditional Gemba walks, relegating manual methods to the annals of history. This digital approach to automation is both more efficient and more effective. It is time to embrace's detailed data and take the first step towards a more streamlined and productive future. Bid farewell to traditional practices — Gemba walks have entered the digital age.

References: "Driving impact at scale from automation and AI February", McKinsey Report, Feb 2019

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