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Order Management

Boost customer satisfaction and retention with seamless and transparent Order Management

Automate exception handling and
improve on-time delivery 

Effective customer order management is built on the rapid processing of orders, teamed with a seamless customer experience. Reacting fast to exceptions like improper credit checks, EDI blocks or ad-hoc order changes is key to order management quality and is reliant on a deep understanding of process rules and exceptions.

All too often this knowledge is invisible, spread across the workforce, and needs to be documented and leveraged. Only with these vital insights can you trim your sails for lean and efficient order processing. 


Order prioritization, orchestration, rework avoidance and team utilization are key focus areas here for digital transformation.

The KYP platform is designed to identify the process parts with potential to be improved by intelligent automation and/or changing the way your teams work. It gives you a clear business case and displays concrete recommendations of where to reap the highest potential with the lowest effort.

To drive continuous improvement, learn from each other and deliver excitement to the customer, use the KYP platform and unlock the potential of your customer order management. 


Know Your Potential

Decrease total cost per order
Drive customer happiness (OTD, OTIF)
Increase NPS
Increase non-touch orders and reduce rework

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