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Master Data Management

Understand the impact of poor data quality on your processes and identify root causes 

Mine deeper insights with consistent and uniform master data

Master Data Management is a topic that doesn’t stand out in smooth operations but is vital for seamless business execution, customer satisfaction, and cost control. Inconsistent, incomplete or erroneous master data is often the result of manual entry errors, conflicting sources or poor governance.

The resulting issues have a wide-ranging impact in business. Successful execution leaders must maintain control of vast oceans of data to deliver global consistency and relevant insights to their organizations. 


The KYP platform will unlock the potential of your Master Data Management. To foster best-in-class process value creation it is crucial to understand where friction is occurring, the root causes of data issues, and where best to focus your digital transformation effort. 

Clear automation recommendations are presented alongside business case calculations, to make it easy to demonstrate the potential and impact of change initiatives. See the results of your improvement journey in near real-time, understanding the actual impact of measures and proving ROI.


Know Your Potential

Improve data quality and identify sources of bad data
Reduce total cost of service
Reduce cycle times
Remove costs associated with friction
Enhance customer and supplier experiences

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