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Know YOUR Potential

Digital transformation mining can be applied to any transactional process. Get in touch and we’ll help you get started

Not sure where to begin? 

As an executive, team leader or digital transformation specialist familiar with your internal processes you are already well placed to define your own starting point for analysis using the following recommendations: 

  • Process stability: the easiest starting point for the KYP platform is a transactional process with a “dominant” process variant  -the so called “happy path”. 

  • Sample size: the greater the number of process cycles that can be captured, the more representative the results and recommendations will be. Sample size is commonly driven by team size within the scope of analysis.

  • Complexity: the full impact of the platform is delivered when looking end-to-end across multiple applications and processes (regardless of on-premise or in the cloud) with a focus on computer / desk work. 


The KYP platform is designed to identify the potential of your business processes across your whole organization and to benchmark progress over time. See, Understand, Change is our credo. 


See your future – how intelligent automation can augment your people and processes, reshaping your organization for success. 


Understand your current operations, the potential benefits of digital transformation and the achievable ROI. 


Change with confidence, monitor adoption and demonstrate results. Exploit the early benefits from quick win improvements to fund your transformation journey. 


Know Your Potential

Impact bottom and top line
Understand your people, processes and application landscape
Increase productivity
Improve customer satisfaction
… and many more depending on your individual case.

Talk with one of our solution consultants for assistance with your individual business case. 

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