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Generate value across your finance function by leveraging process insights, automating decision-making 
and discovering new ways of working 

Capitalise on your data and technology to increase productivity and drive better decisions 

A solid finance operation is fundamental to the success of an organization. High-quality data and automated workflows free up time and resources for strategic planning and analysis, enabling better decision-making

Whether preserving cash in Accounts Payable, driving compliance in Accounts Receivable, or perfecting P2P, the KYP platform helps you to streamline operations, remove rework and optimize the interactions of people, processes, and technology. All without compromising the value you provide to your internal customers, the assurance you bring shareholders or the service you receive from your suppliers. 


The KYP platform is designed to identify the potential of your finance business processes to ensure peak performance and reduce your total cost of service. 

Bottlenecks are highlighted and RPA / IPA recommended to address areas of inefficiency. We help you to monitor the internal adoption of new procedures and technologies and sustain change. 

Building an automation-led organization is not just about processes and technology but also your people; the KYP platform allows you to see the impact of transformation initiatives on your grade mix, supporting change and the future of your business. 


Know Your Potential

Reduce total cost of service
Build stronger business cases
Reduce time spent on compliance activities
Improve risk management

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