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Customer Service

Unlock the potential of your customer interaction teams and bring focus to performance improvement

Decrease resolution time and drive self-service to unlock agent capacity 

Customer Service leaders strive to provide an outstanding customer experience whilst running an efficient interaction centre, but the diversity of customer issues routinely drives up resolution time and cost. 

These unfamiliar tasks often result in unexpected agent behaviours which ultimately impacts customer satisfaction. Not knowing or understanding how and why individuals and teams spend time with resolution stands in the way of breakthrough improvements. 

A transparent ‘happy path’ of your customer service team really can help to bring focus to performance improvement. 


The KYP platform is designed to unlock the potential of your customer interactions.
The AI-enabled system extracts and visualizes process data in near real-time and observes strengths and weaknesses of your interactions with customers.

While the duration of interactions is important to improve efficiency (average case resolution time, response times), the quality of conversations is crucial to improve effectiveness and thereby NPS, CSAT and compliance rate.

The KYP platform presents both time and qualitative dimensions along the length of the interaction chain, clearly highlighting automation potential and the appropriate measures to improve productivity and reduce idle time. 

Know Your Potential

Grow customer satisfaction (NPS) and decrease churn-rate
Decrease resolution times
Increase team productivity
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