know your processes

We augment your process reality

Do you want to know how to apply AI to achieve process benefits in operational reality?

Do you find yourself asking the same questions as our clients once did?

  • I heard a lot about new process automation technologies, but how exactly can they be applied to the process landscape of my company?
  • How high is the acutal benefit resulting from those technologies?
  • How exactly in my organization do these technologies free up ressources?

We help you understand your process and its potential

  • With kyp you will get to know how your process looks like in reality and not how it should look like
  • kyp does not limit your process to a single ERP system, but shows you all the interfaces and their automation potential
  • Additionally you'll find out who is exactly doing what and at how many ressources

If you want to augment your process reality by new technologies like AI and really know your processes - drop us a mail