We augment your

processes reality

We are KYP.ai

Do you want to know

how to apply AI to
process benefits

in operational reality?

The Product

What is KYP.ai?

We help you understand your process and its potential.

With KYP.ai you will get a combined picture of your process and organisation reality.

No artificial abstract management "translation", no singular process view, but the naked truth.

Automated aggregation and interpretation powered by AI in near to real-time.

Additionally you'll find out which
team is doing what and how many resources you need for it.

KYP.ai does not limit your process to a single ERP system log-files but shows you all the interfaces, proprietary applications, actual work - and their automation potential. From a team/user perspective.


Our recommendation engine shows optimisation potential leveraging RPA, AI, Org redundancies 

Neutral apps are those, not explicitly in focus of the process. 


Idle time demonstrates great
potential for improving productivity

A solid baseline is the first element for managing the effect for every improvement and measure any changes

Aggregate and

filter through your operational structures

Analyse your process and process variants - use the power of process mining

Process & Org Mining

The kyp.ai way


Your organisation and process reality at a glance, in near-to real-time.


kyp.ai analyzer provides
you with impactful details,
now and over time.


kyp.ai recommender, powered by AI, where to change what, to get better instantly.

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